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 Mobile RFID read/write capability for the popular 700 Series Mobile

 Multi-protocol radio for worldwide use

 Ideal for exception based scanning

 Available for UHF frequency bands worldwide

 Integrated circular polarized antenna reads tags in any orientation

 Optional linear antenna maximizes read range

With its unique, mostly metal design, the Intermec Antenna Cell is an RFID antenna specifically developed for forklift installations where shock and vibration can far exceed the specifications of antennas designed for fixed RFID reader applications.

The ID Card is the first credit card format RFID tag on the market to provide both long-range identification and multiple read/write capability. The tag is ideal for secure ingress/egress applications where a safe distance is required and is currently used for expedited border crossings between the United States and Canada. The tag is available as a blank card or with magnetic striping.

The Intermec Series 915 MHz RPC tag is specifically designed to track reusable plastic containers (RPC) for the life of the container. Using RFID to store information on a small chip, the technology of the 915 series allows you to track goods along the entire supply chain, saving valuable administration time.

The Windshield Tag is optimized for attachment to vehicle windshields and is primarily used for highway toll applications and for access control in parking areas or gated communities. It has also been implemented into several civilian and military homeland security projects. The tag is produced on a flexible substrate and includes an adhesive release liner for ease of installation. Typical applications include vehicle access, parking and toll.

The Container Tag is a high-performance durable product originally designed for use with plastic pallets, but which has a proven track record in a variety of applications. This tag is one of the most versatile designs in the Intellitag portfolio due to its consistent performance with a wide range of materials. Typical applications include pallet, carton and container tracking.

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By using frequency agile RFID tags, the Intellitag PM4i can simultaneously encode and print labels that can be used worldwide, thus enabling the tag to be read via multiple frequencies, dependant on regional standards.


With the PM4i, companies can create RFID smart labels to drive RFID applications without host reprogramming.

Zebra R4Mplus Printer


The fully integrated RFID reader/encoder supports a number of tag types, including EPC UHF and ISO 18000-6B UHF protocols.

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