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When using our Secure Diskless ZM-PXE125 Workstations there are no computers with software but many companies still have the need to scan paper documents up to a secured server.  Many departments may have this need and for this task we deploy the Lexmark CX510DE scanner printer unit.


This unit allows us to create custom buttons on the Scanner Panel to program the scanner to scan documents into different server folders based on a Domain ID and password.  This scanner unit is a standalone unit and it does not require any computer to assist in the scanning process like other less secure environments do.

Corporate Office

Windows Terminal Server


ZM-PXE Server

Corporate Office Firewall

Data Switch

The Forbes Corporation has selected the Lexmark CX510DE as one of the best lower cost secured scanning methods available for your business network.  The front panel of the scanner can be customized so that just two options are seen by the user like Scan to Network and a Copy Function.  The unit is also network ready for Domain Printer configurations. 


The CX510DE has a simple user interface which allows us to program and customize buttons for the users like “Scan 1 Side to Accounting” or “Scan 2 Sides to Marketing”.  This allows any user to walkup to the scanner and scan documents for any department listed by selecting buttons that are preprogrammed. 


We program the CX510DE with a authorized Domain Account and Password that allows the scanner to place the documents into a secured folder on the domain for other secured users to access. 


This allows new and existing employees to quickly scan paper documents into PDF files from 1 page to many pages directly into a secured folder for departmental access providing a SECURED paperless work environment.



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