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Every office has reams of paper scattered on desktops and buried deep within folders and file cabinets. Reaching this information shouldn't require a major excavation.


Now you can turn these printed documents into instantly accessible resources instead of artifacts awaiting rediscovery. Adobe® LifeCycle software makes it fast and easy to put paper documents to work electronically.

Convert entire collections of documents, such as contracts, product documentation, and other corporate data, to easily accessible Adobe PDF archives. Documents can then be searched using popular Web index engines, document management systems

Panasonic Scanners offer an inexpensive level of document scanning with nice performance and endurance.


· Full Color Duplex Scanning

· Panasonic Image Enhancement Technology with Color

· Automatic Cropping and De-Skew

· Dynamic Threshold Technology

· RTIV™ Image Capture Utility

In electronic document handling, written media is usually converted to a special electronic media format. We have many hardware and software components available depending on what you may need. Electronic document handling can be achieved using a combination of scanners, multifeed scanners, server storage devices and electronic document handling software.


There is special software that can help scan and capture a combination of graphics and text. Once these documents have been created in a special format, they can be viewed regardless of the operating systems platform.


The same electronic document format can be viewed whether it is in Windows, DOS, UNIX or MAC. The document sharing software can provide you with ways to share documents with different systems, print, annotate and build navigational links and security protocols. Electronic documents can very easily be indexed to aid in the search and linking of documents.


Let us help you make the right choice for electronic OCR storage in your business.

Extending the uncompromising quality, performance and flexibility of Fujitsu document scanners, fi-6010N image scanners are the ideal choice for departments and workgroups.

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Electronic Document Handling

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